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My new “go to” bag

Guys, a tragic thing happened last night. The zipper broke on my favorite “going out” bag. It was a Coach bag I bought probably close to 5 years ago at this point. I only used it when I was going out, as it is smaller than my everyday bag. I kept spare eyeglasses, a makeup bag, and phone charger in it. That way when I go out, I just drop my keys and ID with cash into the Coach bag and go on my way. While I have lots of other bags I should probably branch out and use, this one was always my go-to. It didn’t involve thought or much work to switch back between my everyday bag. Now it’s dead and I am sad. Unfortunately, since it’s so old I can’t find anything similar on the Coach outlet site. I was able to find something comparable though. I ordered a new Marc Jacobs bag. Hopefully I’ll grow to love it as much as  ol’ reliable. 

Up next on the blog, Our Lady Peace show and idiot kids from Buffalo


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Pretty much my thoughts on today. Our Powerball pool didn’t win us any moneys over the weekend. But we’re trying again, wish us luck! Of course it will probably be some little old lady from Idaho or Montana who wins, who used our tax dollars to purchase tickets. I swear it’s always someone from a less-populated state who wins. I sense a scam! But as long as the little-old-lady shares the wealth with me, I won’t blow the whistle. I can be paid in bread…and ca$h!

I had a fun weekend. We started things off at The Drop, some friends were able to join us. Some guy said he wanted to get “all up in my jacket” and I burst out laughing. He and I weren’t entirely sure what he meant, but we had a good chuckle over it. Ah…drunk people.

Anyway, Erin had to reschedule our get together. So Andy and I went for some BBQ dinner instead of trying the sit-on-the-floor Korean restaurant. At least Erin and I rescheduled our adventures and shenanigans to this weekend. We already have a day planned of exploring, followed by a delicious dinner at the Korean place. 

I heard the horrible news this morning of David Bowie passing on. I like his music and acting a lot, so this is just terrible! I guess he had been battling cancer for a long time in secrecy. May he rest in peace!


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