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Okay, I’m a bit ashamed of myself. I know customer service people don’t really have it easy. They are basically the front line of the battle with crazy and dissatisfied customers. So let’s go back to December 18th. I ordered a cute pair of shoes that cost nearly $100. I only wore them maybe five times, and it was always indoors around the office. I noticed a few weeks ago, the back heel tab split open on one of the shoes. I snapped some pics and emailed customer service on June 27th. Which is about 6 months and 10 days after order placement. This detail is key.

I got a sort of canned response back from the customer service rep I was working with the following day. Basically stating I was out of luck, because they could only replace defective shoes up to 6 months after order date. I argued back and forth with them, pointing out we were only 10 days out of the 6 month period, surely they can make an exception for the defect? No dice. The best they could muster was 20% off my next pair of shoes. I declined the offer, noting that would involve me spending MORE MONEY, instead of giving me money back.

I opted to call instead, this was a bad idea. My blood pressure was already climbing . I was nice at first, requesting a refund. Noting this pair is clearly defective, I didn’t wear them more than 5 times, and we’re only 10 days out from the six month replacement date. I got nowhere. Even though I was speaking with a different customer service rep, I got the same canned response about not being able to accept returns/refunds after 6 months. This was reallllly starting to get my goat. So I turned into an angry white lady, yelling at this poor girl. Still, no dice! Usually when you lose your shit, they would at least try to find a resolution. Nope, nada. I may have even yelled something about reaching out to the head of the company about this. oh yes, I’m ashamed to say, Dear Diary, that I went there during my crazed tirade. SIDE NOTE, I actually did call and apologize to her later. I’m not a total asshole.

Anyway, I figured either the customer service team has really poor training, or the company doesn’t give them the tools to really HELP a customer. In retrospect, since they were so unhelpful, I should have changed my tactics. I should have asked them what the options are, that don’t involve me spending any more money. For instance offering a comparable pair of shoes for free.  I would happily return the defective pair. Incidentally, the pair I bought is no longer sold.

So what did I do? I actually reached out to the president of the company. I should be ashamed. Andy was able to find his name due to some swift Googling. Unfortunately, his search skills did not yield contact info. I was able to figure that out myself. I basically tried various permutations of his name with the companies email extension. My fourth attempt worked! 

He actually got back to me quickly and was super nice! I wasn’t expecting him to respond, but I gave it a shot. He ended up offering me a free pair of shoes, which is the resolution I was hoping for, since a refund was not in the cards. I was happy with this outcome, as $100 shoes should certainly last longer than a few wears. But I truly hope the company can give the customer service team the tools to succeed going forward. I’m glad it’s resolved, but I hope other people don’t end up in my shoes (pardon the pun) and not able to get a refund if they end up with a defective pair of shoes days after the 6 month policy window ends. 


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BeFunky Collage

I don’t care that it is still technically summer until the 22nd. I am ready for fall! I did a big haul of online shopping last week and hit up the mall on Monday. It’s time to get that fall wardrobe ready. I ordered a lot of Halloween-ish stuff, like the skirt and shirt in the picture. But I can’t resist glow in the dark shirts or dresses! I even got some new shoes, including a pair with bats. I don’t care that it’s really only socially acceptable to wear the Halloween clothes in October. I plan to stretch that rule, so I can get my moneys worth. I did pick up some non-Halloween clothes and shoes as well. Don’t worry, mom! 

It’s too bad it doesn’t feel like fall yet. But at the same time, I don’t mind the warm weather, I hope it’s not cold on my wedding day! I plan to have an outdoor ceremony. But my venue does have an indoor space to use, if the weather isn’t cooperative. Speaking of, we’re getting close here folks! A little over two weeks away and I’m quietly freaking out. I just hope I don’t feel overwhelmed on the big day and freeze up. 


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Ignore the vintage trading cards, I’m recycling this picture from my Christmas post.

So I brought my awesome new wedding shoes into work, some people wanted to see them in person. I wore them around, and one of the footwear engineers zeroed in a fit problem I was having. I would expect no less,  I work for a footwear company (after all). I got the shoes in a 9, as they don’t offer 1/2 sizes. Which always aggravates me, when shoes are only offered in whole sizes.

ANYWAY, he offered to cut some foam for me to make my shoes fit better. While we were at it, he measured my foot for me. Turns out I’m not an 8 1/2 like I always thought. My correct shoe size is an 8 narrow. Oops! So needless to say, that is why my awesome new shoes are far too large. The foam helps a lot though, so I will be utilizing it. Otherwise I’ll have one of my bridesmaids carry around a safety net to catch me when I fall. 

In related news, I booked my first dress appointment. I only asked four people, as I didn’t feel like arriving with a giant posse. It’s a conundrum. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I also don’t want to bring 50 people. I assume I’ll be checking out multiple dress shops. So I’ll probably ask friends/family that didn’t join me the first time, to go along to my next appointment. Wish me luck! I need to clean up my Pinterest board, so I have a better idea of what I want to try. 

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[photo] after a shipping mix-up and no stock, I finally got my new rain boots

Can I just say how happy I am this Mercury Retrograde crap is over?! I finally got a refund for the sofa cover I’m never getting, and my new rain boots finally arrived! Now I have to order the sofa cover from Ikea, because I’m done trying to get it from eBay after my last experience. I’m also glad that after the last pair of clear glitter rain boots in my size were sent to the wrong person, I got them in the post Saturday.

I’m tempted to get another pair in either black or gold. All the rain boots I currently own have tall shaft lengths. So it’s nice to have a shorter combat boot style. Go figure though, the nor’easter rain storm we got last week is over. Now it probably won’t rain for a while since I got new boots. Oh well, I’ll still wear them anyway with some brightly colored socks. 

[Edit] I may not be fully out of the woods yet. The floor fan in Zorro’s area stopped working last week, the fan in our bathroom died yesterday, the lights in our row at work stopped working (working in the dark was “fun” yesterday, and my FitBit is being a little spazzy. Yikes! I’d hate to be an electronic device near me right now! [/Edit]

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[photo] It's a sad day when you have to switch from sandals to sneakers. But I picked one of my favorite pairs of sneakers to soften the blow.

[photo] It’s a sad day when you have to switch from sandals to sneakers. But I picked one of my favorite pairs of sneakers to soften the blow.

I’m not ready for the cold yet, I was enjoying summer very much. Okay, so maybe I was sick of humidity. But that doesn’t mean I was ready to switch from flip flops this morning. I was hoping I could manage another couple of weeks with sandals, but it doesn’t look like it will be possible. It looks like it will be in the 70’s a couple of days this week, so I will definitely wear my sandals then. I guess that is a good compromise! 

Andy and I watched the “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story“. Like most Lifetime movies, I take them with a  grain of salt. Not sure how I feel about the TUSBTBS, but it was definitely a little cheesy. I would like to know how true some of it is, since it’s only from the point of view of Dustin Diamond. Plus, the fact it’s “unauthorized” deters me from how truthful the story could be. I didn’t watch the show that much, as I wasn’t great at remembering to watch anything that wasn’t on Nickleodeon. But the Lifetime story was okay. I think they did a good job casting look-a-likes for Screech, Lisa, and Jessie. The casting for Kelly, Zack, and AJ was just so-so. 

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I was lucky enough to work from home yesterday so I didn’t have to deal with Labor Day/early moving day for college kids. I’m sad summer is almost over and all the college jerks are coming back. But I have a great Labor Day weekend/week planned and I can’t wait! Andy and I had to return the cats to his parents. They (unfortunately) didn’t catch any mice. But while we were trying to wrangle them into cat carriers, Reese’s scratched up my wrist. It makes me look suicidal, so I put some Neosporin on it and added a Cynthia Rowley band aid for good measure. 



Anyway, I was excited that my Sephora order came in! I got the new Chroma Color Eye Palette and Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Vampira. I guess you have to be a VIB member to get early access to the Chroma palette, so you can check out the product details page for now. I love the palette so far, so many shadows and eyeliners to pick!


I like the lipstick, but I find that I need to exfoliate my lips and use lip balm before applying it. Otherwise the color comes out really uneven. It’s a bit darker than the picture shows. So it’s more of a fall/winter type of color but I like it!



My cat shoes came in and I’m so excited! I bought a gray glitter pair about a year ago and decided to add a black pair to boot! MEOW!


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Okay, not really. But sometimes I still wish it was the 1990s! Tonight I’m going to a show at the HOB to see Everclear, Eve 6, Soul Asylum, and Spacehog. I’m very excited and had a great time at the Summerland tour last year. I don’t know many songs by Soul Asylum or Spacehog, just the big hits. I’m most looking forward to Eve 6 since they were one of my favorite bands in high school though. I will probably only stay for a few Everclear songs, since we saw them last year.  Don’t get me wrong, they put on a great show but I have to work on Friday. BOO! Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to post some pics from the show. Fingers crossed the work Gods are kindly to me and let us out early!

Nothing beats a good summer show. I’m looking forward to seeing Queen next month with Adam Lambert too. That should be great, especially since I opted for better seats at the Garden. No nosebleed this time around, woohoo!

Oh yeah, I’m glad to announce I got rid of a TON of shoes yesterday. But the “cutthroat 10 minute purge” idea didn’t really work. It look me 30ish minutes to gather a bunch of shoes to donate. At least now I’ll (hopefully) have room for new shoes.

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