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So to make an update on my post about the new glasses I bought in May, the company did let me exchange them for a new pair! I made sure to pick out a pair from the site that didn’t have metal along the temple tip. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they are blue. I really like them! They sent me a return label for the old pair and I sent them back this week. Phew, now I can wear my new glasses.

It’s now Thursday and I’m starting to feel more normal. It’s pretty sad that it took me 4 days to recover from my bachelorette weekend. But I guess that means I had a really good time! My issue was more related to lack of sleep. I went to bed kinda late and it took me a couple hours to fall asleep each night. I tried (and failed) to go to bed a little earlier this week to re-coup. But at least I’m starting to feel human again. 

This weekend will be the same issue, I don’t have time to sleep. I have relatives visiting from Michigan. Saturday I have an early morning appointment with the florist for the wedding. in the afternoon I have my hair and makeup trials. After that, my friends have a night in the town planned.

On Sunday, I am getting up early again for my friends bachelorette party at a spa and pool. I can’t stay the whole time, because I have dinner plans with the visiting relatives. The following weekend will be busy with Comic Con. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, I suppose!



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I feel like I’m the only person that hates (HAAATES) DST. Surely I can’t be the only one with this intense hatred, right? Here is the thing, I don’t know why people like it. YOU’RE LOSING AN HOUR OF SLEEP, PEOPLE!!! SLEEP!! How is that awesome? I don’t give a crap about the, “oh but it stays lighter outside longer.” Nope! I just want my extra hour of sleep. Now I’ll end up waking up an hour early until my stupid internal clock adjusts itself, only to have to go through a time change again in November. 

Can we just stop the madness? I’d like to submit a cease and desist with this bullshit. Let’s stop having to change the clocks ever, it’s annoying. Sorry farmers, guess you’ll have to farm by lantern-light or some shit. We thank you for the sacrifice, so we can be lazy, and not change clocks. You’re cooperation is much appreciated.

Also, I’m sure Andy would appreciate not changing the time as well. Every spring he is reminded (as if he could forget), of my fierce hatred of this exercise. I tend to go on Lewis Black-esque rant on the frivolousness of this mandatory tradition. 

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I just thought you should know, blog! Anyway, I’m really tired today. I’ve developed this nasty habit for the past week or so, where I wake up around 4am and can’t fall back asleep. It’s really fun times up in here. I’m going to try to stay in and go to bed super early tonight. My hope is, if I do wake up at 4am, at least I’ll have slept 8 hours.  But I’ll probably get distracted by something and not go to bed till 11 or something. We’ll see how that goes.

I need to get my beauty sleep on, as I have a weekend full of activities. I’ve finally convinced Andy to try Cheesecake Factory, so that is what we’re doing. We are also going to the movies afterwards, so I have to try and save room for pop corn. Also, on Saturday I finally get to hang out with Jamie. We had to reschedule our “DIY BBQ” restaurant date to this weekend. Should be fun, it’s good that I’m hungry so I can save my appetite for the weekend. 


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Andy has been sick with a cold for a couple of weeks. He also has had shoulder pain, so he’s been sleeping in the other room. It’s lonely in our room, alone. But I’ve been managing.

I mean, how am I expected to sleep with nobody snoring in my ear?! I feel so empty when there is nobody around to accidentally slap me when I’m asleep. Yup, Andy has gently sleep slapped me when turning over in his sleep. We both have bed-sharing issues. He claims I take up most of the bed, but he sleeps like Jesus, with his arms straight out by his side.

Not gonna lie, it’s been nice to sleep without being slapped or snored on. But now I call us the Quaker couple. I mean, I have no idea how conservative some Quakers are, but I’m sure many of them are aloud to share a bed with their better half. Anyway, his cold is getting better. I am glad he spared me his illness though. I wouldn’t want to be sick for Vegas next week!

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Last night I went to a different trivia venue with some friends. We didn’t do very well, but the trivia was for a charity, and we still had fun. The area they had the trivia in was pretty tight though, so you had to dodge chairs and people to hand in the answers. Andy and I got there before my friends so I ordered some dinner. I ended up getting a Greek salad with salmon and a side of sweet potato fries. The food was really good! However, I wish I drank more water when I got home. I was apparently really dehydrated.

So my stomach ended up bothering me that night which lead me to have really annoying dreams. I remember I woke myself up because I kept trying to yell “shut the fuck up” in my dream and I don’t know if I ended up yelling it aloud. Usually when I catch myself scream-dreaming, I wake myself up.  I don’t actually yell, I “whisper scream”.  At least I think that’s what I do. Andy is no help because he is a heavy-sleeper so I don’t have any insight if I do actually yell in my sleep, or just whisper scream. Regardless, I think I will lay off the Greek salad with salmon before bed. That combo could end up having the same weird dream effect as pork rinds. Not that I’ve ever had pork rinds, but according to TV sitcoms, they make you have nightmares. Oh yes, my sleep deprivation was made worse by a 3am visit from my friend Charlie Horse. Ughhh

I’m very excited for the weekend! I’m meeting Andy for drinks with his co-workers in town and I’M GETTING A NEW BED DELIVERED! I’m very excited about this bed, as it’s supposed to be a good compromise for our sleeping styles. He can have his plush side, and I will sleep on my brick side. Now maybe we can have some peace?

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[photo] Went mattress shopping, found interesting decor around the furniture store!

My neighbor said he got a new mattress recently, after mentioning he had the same one since high school. This got me thinking about my mattress. I also have the same one since high school, I got it in 10th grade. So that makes my bed around 15-16 years old. YIKES! If it was a person, he/she could get their drivers license. That is a scary thought! Andy got a new memory foam bed about 6 years ago and he loves it, I HATE IT! I convinced him to move his mattress to the guest room and we will use my new mattress in our bedroom. Thankfully Bob’s Furniture accommodates picky couples that do not share the same sleep preferences.

Since I apparently only make a mattress change once every 15-16 years, I got a pricer mattress. I opted for a dual-firmness model, where Andy can have a cushy side and I can sleep on bricks…the way I like it! Since I’m not a fan of traditional memory foam, I got the gel instead. The gel foam is cooling, so I won’t roast to death in the summer! I know that means I’ll be cold in the winter, but I’ll get a couple sets of leopard print flannel sheets. I’m sure someone out there carries them. The only drawback, my bed won’t arrive for 12 days. It stinks to wait that long for a new bed, but I’ll try to be brave.

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I slept 12 hours last night and it was amazing! I haven’t slept that much in a long time and definitely need to do it more often. Actually, I’d love a nap right now, but then I think I’d be up for three straight days. I must have been pretty tired, I wasn’t feeling great yesterday anyway. At least I was productive once I woke up. I managed to clean my apartment and get my 10,000 steps in for the the day. I’ll call that a success! I do have to get ready for a party within the next few hours. Thankfully my costume doesn’t involve special make up, but I do want to do something funky with eye shadow. Now I have to work on my blog post for my next BrandBacker campaign, this one involves tea tree oil. 

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