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I mentioned in another post how I went to a balloon festival while I was in Vermont. It reminded me of the time a hot air balloon had to emergency land in my neighbors yard. I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time. I was minding my own business, riding my bike by myself up and down the block. All of a sudden, I noticed a hot air balloon slowly make its approach down my street. I was the first to spot it. I didn’t realize it wasn’t a planned landing. As a kid, I thought these poor folks just wanted to land on our street. So I watched them approach and realized they were in trouble! It seemed to me, they ran out of fuel or the balloon had a leak.

My best friend, who lived across the street, happened to be away on a family vacation. So she wasn’t there to witness a hot air balloon crash land in her next door neighbors back field. It was such a strange sight! Before I knew it our small suburban street, was filled with on-lookers and (I think) news vans. Luckily the people piloting the balloon were okay. It was good our neighbor (who also wasn’t home at the time) had a big yard for the balloon to land in. It was definitely a bizarre sight. It’s also a reason why I’ll never go on a hot air balloon ride. Although, I’d consider a tethered one if they weren’t so pricey.


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I decided to head into work early today so I can leave in the early afternoon. So while I was barreling down the highway at 6:15 in the morning, I spotted an elderly gentleman walking alongside the highway. This old man was also dressed like Michael Jackson, in a pinstripe suit and fedora hat. I was very confused by this image! I hope he didn’t escape from a nursing home or something! He walked near a rest area, so hopefully he was just waiting for a tow truck, and not escaping the nursing home. It was a very strange site!

Anyway, this will probably be my last post until Monday. I’m going to the spend a weekend at the beach and I’m excited! I haven’t gone to see fireworks at the beach in years, so this should be fun. Have a happy 4th!

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