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I picked up my new car yesterday, and I love it!! It’s going to take some getting used to, I’ve never owned an SUV before. I usually stick with sedans when I get a car. But I decided the time has come for something bigger. I didn’t realize the model I got comes with park assist. The salesperson at the dealership was trying to show me how to use it. I felt so UNCOMFORTABLE with this feature. It just freaks me out, so I will probably not use it. Not today, Skynet!



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This title pertains to “phone emergencies” not emergencies relating to pho. Although I guess you could use it for both? Anyway, I got a new phone a couple months ago. My sister (of course) got the same phone, unwittingly. So she showed me this nifty emergency mode feature. You basically hit the power button 3x rapidly, and it activates the emergency mode. It will take an audio recording,  front and back camera photos, and your location. It will then text it to your emergency contacts.

I activated it and set my emergency contacts to my family and fiancé. When I got a Gear S2 watch with my phone, there was also an emergency mode on it. I turned that shit on, cuz why not?! But since I didn’t quite know what all the buttons did on my new watch, I accidentally emergency dialed my family. Oops! My sister called me in a panic wondering where I was. I was unaware my watch went off, so I had no idea why she called in a panic. OOPS!

That was a couple months ago, let’s dial it forward to now. I was walking back to my car after work, I had my phone in my hand and was fiddling with my keys. I guess my keys must have hit the power button on my phone, the magic number of 3 times. So it sent off a series of emergency texts. These texts contained my location, an unflattering selfie of me, and audio of unlocking my car to my family. UGH!

I quickly sent a false alarm text out. But my poor mother is phone impaired, and started to panic, thinking I got kidnapped or something. Needless to say, I turned off my emergency mode after that, so if I end up dead in a ditch somewhere, nobody will find me.

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[photo] Maxwell Smart with his shoe phone

In my day the smaller the phone the better. Now each year it seems the bigger you can make your phone, the better. I’m not really crazy about this trend, but I don’t let it be a deal-breaker when in the market for a new phone. I’m not sure I want a phone that’s any bigger than the one I currently have, which I think is pretty big. With that being said, I never thought of the Samsung Note series as an option for me. That is until yesterday,when Andy showed me a video of the Galaxy Note Edge 4, which looks really freaking awesome. 

Note edge

I think the separate screen on the edge is a nifty idea. The fact it’s a separate screen means you can use it while the main screen is in lock mode. But I wonder what the phone cases will look like. I’m interested to see what options will be available, as I drop my phone a lot. haha! I’m not sure I can get over the size factor here. I wish I could use one for a week or two to see if I can really handle a phone of this size, seems like it would prove to be a pain to get it to fit in my smaller wristlet bags or pockets. But I think I should wait to see if they add this feature to the S6 next year. 

Maybe keeping phones in your pocket isn’t a good idea anymore, anyhow. I was laughing at all the articles online about how a lot of people have bent their new iPhones #BendGate. I wonder if there will be a lawsuit involved with this. Some phone companies should really think about the materials they are using, I mean who thought an all-glass iPhone was a good idea?! Other phone manufacturers also run into the bending issue when using all-aluminum casings. I mean really?! They couldn’t use less malleable materials when making something that costs so much.

Joke I just thought of. What is Radiohead’s favorite phone? One that has The Bends. hahaha! Ok, I’m done. 


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Andy borrowed Google Glass from work, and I tried them last night before he brought them back today. I had trouble seeing the tiny screen without my glasses, which is odd because I’m near-sighted. There must be some kind of view settings in the menu that would have made it clearer to read. I didn’t really have much  direction on how to use them, so I experimented after I paired them with my phone through the Glass app. Oh yeah, I think the Glass app is only compatible with Android right now. I figured out how to Google things, and somehow ended up Googling Google.

It is voice-controlled and you can scroll by swiping your hand across the the side. It can also speak to you and you can watch video as well. I don’t recommend using it for a long period of time, your eyes will be very angry with you! It’s also kinda blinding to look at websites with a light background. Overall, I thought it was really cool! I took some pictures and made a video. They do limit the video to 9 seconds (?) though. Also, the only option to share is through Google+, which I loathe. Google+ makes me feel old because I don’t understand it and have no desire to try and figure it out. It also re-activated my profile without asking me, so yeah, I’m at war with G+. Anyway, please enjoy my lame video!



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