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The other night I went out to a nice group dinner for a friends birthday. Incidentally it was also the night I usually go to trivia. We had a nice dinner and great (read: inappropriate) dinner conversation with people we just met. haha! That’s how you know you’re having a good time, just dive right in! Since trivia starts kind of late at the bar we go, I was able to meet up for trivia after dinner. I only missed half the game.


My husband knows me well, and saved the popcorn for me for when I showed up. I was full from delicious Mexican food, but I still ate anyway. It was good that I turned up when I did, I helped our team get 2nd place! 


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2016-02-25 15.07.53

Continuing from last post, looks like word is spreading for trivia at the new venue. It’s not bad though. I just get concerned because the pub is small, and it can get packed very quickly. We got there about 20 minutes early and it was totally fine. I wasn’t very hungry, but I ordered nachos for dinner. It was very appropriate since it was National Tortilla Chip Day. I don’t know who gets to make up these holidays, but at least I celebrated properly.

Trivia went okay. We were actually in first place during the first half. Then some wrong moves really messed with our game plan. So we didn’t end up placing. But since this place is small, and we’re not competing against 35 teams, I’m confident we can win a few games. The other good thing, since the venue is more intimate, it does sorta curb cheaters. That was a big problem at a large place where we played. It was so big, and the booths were high, it was easy for people to cheat. We never cheat, but are always very suspect of teams that get a perfect score. Especially when they consistently get a perfect score.

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Ever since we grew sick of playing trivia at a local pizza place called Regina’s, we’ve been on the hunt to find a new one. We tried the Green Briar, but the service and food have gone way downhill. Plus, it’s impossible to hear the questions when you’re in the other room. Hello, how about some surround sound?! After that, we tried The Biltmore,  but their service was crappy. Also, they only offered trivia in their tiny bar area, which wasn’t gonna work.

For a few weeks, we did head back to the burbs for trivia. We liked our odds better, usually less people. So we wouldn’t run into the issue of playing against thirty-five fucking teams (ughh)! But the place we picked, didn’t really understand how trivia works. Instead of giving people a time limit to answer questions, they would hold the game until everyone passed in their answers. Ummm….what?! After a few weeks of that nonsense, we continued our search. 

Thankfully, we found a place that is close to us! The food are service are good. Plus, it’s in a weird location that you can’t get to without a car, we avoid a lot of the college kids [AMEN!]. They also just started offering trivia, so I don’t think the word is out yet. But I’m waiting for that shoe to drop. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this trivia place before it becomes well-known. I’m not even posting the name out of sheer paranoia. I just wanted a chill trivia venue. Gosh dernit, I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

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So far I’m pretty happy with our new trivia place! But, I hope it’s a lasting happiness and not a honeymoon period. However, they do meet many of my requirements which are plenty of tables, PARKING, and good food! Plus nobody got a perfect score, and there were a lot of teams. Cheating was a serious problem when we did trivia at the now defunct, Brighton Beer Garden. Thankfully, the patrons of Regina’s are seemingly more respectful. 


Our team of 4 was doing pretty well at first, but we lost our thunder during the second round.  We didn’t win any prizes. I didn’t care though, it was our official first time playing there, though we did go last week to scope out the trivia scene. We make it a point to pick inappropriate but still funny team names. We’re thinking next Thursday our name will be “The See You Next Thursday’s”. I mean, why not?!

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I guess the honeymoon is officially over with the trivia place we’ve been going to for the last few months. We’ve been getting there an hour early because it’s a small place and we want to be able to get a table. This tactic worked at first, but the last several times we’ve gone, it’s been very difficult to get a seat. I mean, at least we’ve been able to get seats for all of us at the bar, but it’s not ideal. We just don’t like the fact we have to get there super-early and barely squeak by getting a spot for our team . So we’re changing venues again. This time I’m really happy about the move because it’s a bar I really like, and it’s on a Thursday. I prefer going out on a Thursday anyway. Plus this place has parking, and plenty of space, which is very EXCITE!

Our team name was “HIV Possible”, don’t ask where I come up with this shit because I don’t even know. I actually was a big help during the halftime bonus round and the 3rd quarter bonus round. I’m usually pretty bad at the halftime round, but I knew the answer almost straight away. I also “branched out” and tried something other than the quesadilla’s from the menu. I got fish tacos this time and they were okay. At least at the new place we’re going, I know the food is good. 

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[photo] Team name and new necklace

After taking a bit of a hiatus, we’re finally back into trivia. It helps that we haven’t had a blizzard this week. I was glad we went because we got first place last time and still had the $25 gift certificate to use. We didn’t do very good this time. I think we cracked the top 10, but definitely wasn’t close to snagging a prize position. Hopefully we’ll have better luck next week. Maybe then I’ll branch out and try other things on the menu?

I’m stuck on the pub’s roasted veggie quesadilla. I don’t know what it is about them, but it’s the best veggie quesadilla I’ve had. I’ve gotten them pretty much every time we’ve gone. I think I need to make more of an effort to eat something else from the menu. Oh yeah, I picked the team name. My friend likes the fact I call Channing Tatum, Chazz Tanningham. I’m sure no other teams got our reference to butchering Channing’s name, but we did. 


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Well we didn’t place at trivia last night. The bar was really packed too, which was frustrating. We arrived about 40 minutes early, but there were no tables open so we found a few seats by the bar and we were able to get food and drinks. It was good we took the seats at the bar, our bartender was super nice and really attentive!

My sister ended up showing up, we had no idea she was at a bar next door. She scared the crap out of us because, we were hunched over the answer sheet trying to figure out an answer when she yelled “hello”. She was out for a friends birthday when they mentioned they had trivia next door. She has played trivia with us on Wednesday nights before, so she figured we might be there.

For once, I actually got the half time question, I always do horribly with it. It starts out by saying it will be an actor or actress. The trivia host will give you a few clues as to the ID of the person that is worth 10 points. You have about a minute to submit an answer to get the 10 points. If not, the host will give you more clues worth 8 points and another minute to answer (if you haven’t already). This continues until there is only 2 points left. This week the answer was Elizabeth Shue. I think the fact I’m a huge fan of Adventures in Babysitting really saved our asses. Unfortunately, we still did kinda bad the second half of the game, so my extensive knowledge of Elizabeth Shue didn’t save us entirely. Oh well, better luck next week! I hope it’s another actor or actress that is in some of my other favorite 80’s movies! 

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