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My friend and I got to do something really exciting this week! We got to meet the queen of bling herself, Sondra! She is the genius behind all the gypsy gowns on a hit TLC reality show. My BFF and I watch all the time and dish about it. She is actually a local person and her studio is about 15 minutes from my apartment. So we are commissioning her to make a really fun (and of course BLINGY!) belt for my wedding dress. I can’t wait to see it!  

My friend and I were so happy to meet her. Her studio is amazing, not one surface left un-sparkled. Heck, even the address plate on her building is straight blingin’. She is also really nice. She spent some time in her busy day to talk with us and take a picture in front of her pink creation. I hope to see this dress on a gypsy bride soon!

I can’t wait to go back and see what my belt looks like, I’m hoping I can use it for something after my wedding too as I’m sure I’ll want to wear it again. Anyway, my veil should be arriving soon, and I finished ordering wedding invites, info cards, and RSVP cards for the big day. I don’t plan to start sending anything out until the summer. But I like to be prepared. I’m trying to balance time between moving and wedding things. But I think I need to shift gears and concentrate on moving (whenever that will be!). 



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So FX is in the middle of another Simpsons marathon. I personally love the marathons! I’m happy there is another one, since they moved The Simpsons to FX channel. Andy and I both Simpsons fans. But I think he is growing sick of the marathon. I’m still going strong. I WIN! Although, he hasn’t outright asked me to change the TV channel as of yet, but I sense he is growing weary. 

 I used to watch the Simpsons everyday after school. I would watch The Simpsons and Seinfeld, every weekday after dinner. It was my ritual. To me, it’s quite fun to come home from work and watch a marathon. My only gripe, I don’t like the newer episodes. So the last few days of the marathon will  not be enjoyed. I guess I’m too old skool? No matter, I’m going to sit down with my Duff beer, some grade Z Malk, and pack of Laramie’s tonight. Just kidding about the Laramie’s, I don’t smoke…not even fictitious products. 

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So I was reading an article the other day about Fuller House. Basically, Jodie Sweetin and the cast has given up on asking the Olsen twins to make an appearance. This really grinds my gears for some reason. I don’t care they “retired” from acting, and have “reasons” for not wanting to be part of the reboot. They could at least suck it up and make a quickie appearance in an episode. Maybe they aren’t intentionally trying to let people down, but I’m interpreting it this way. 

I’m not being greedy and saying they need to be in the entire upcoming season. But I think they (or just one of them really) can spare a few hours and make a vague appearance, no? Nothing annoys me more than celebrities that refuse to acknowledge where they got their start. If I was a child star, I would total do a reboot of whatever helped make famous. So please, Olsen twins (I know you totally read my unpopular blog) and make an appearance in season 2 of Fuller House! Or maybe volunteer the other Olsen, Elizabeth. I mean, she does look quite a bit like her sisters, I’m sure she could pull off Michelle Tanner. Plus she can’t say she “retired” from acting, she was just in the last Captain America flick. 

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Sometimes The Simpsons can get weirdly prophetic. I was watching season 19, episode 10 the other night (E. Pluribus Wiggum). Worth noting the episode first aired in 2008.  First, please enjoy this shot of Bill hammering a Hillary sign into someone’s lawn. I guess that one isn’t too far of a stretch, considering Hillary hinted for a long time she wanted to be Prez.

Anyway, Homer manages to blow up Springfield’s Fast Food Boulevard. He then attends a town meeting to decide what should happen to the area. Homer votes to rebuild. Mayor Quimby declares an election must take place.  So Springfield becomes the first to vote in the primary, really cheesing off NH. During the primary process, Springfield gets ravaged by every single presidential wannabe.

In response, Homer cooks up a scheme to write in Ralph Wiggum’s name, a candidate nobody would expect. Ralph wins by 53%. This really sets Lisa off.

Lisa: Mom, they’re taking Ralph’s candidacy seriously.This is a disaster!

Marge: Speaking of disasters, have you seen this? Springfield Dodge bought too much inventory, and they’ve only got one weekend to get rid of all the ’07s. Lisa, I’m sure this Wiggum-arole will blow over.You have to have faith in the wisdom of the average voter.
I dig the Wig! I dig the Wig! Oh, dear God Come on, Lis, hop on the Wiggum Wagon.

Sound familiar?! Like a certain candidate who dyes his skin with Cheeto dust, and sacrificed a rabid squirrel to make his toupee. I can relate! I also put too much faith in the “wisdom” of the average voter. Now we’re stuck with the two worst candidates in the history of US presidential election.

But I digress. At least Ralph never actually selected a political party, and he doesn’t hide his baldness. Heck, I’d vote for Ralph right now if I could! Bill Clinton even said he was voting for Ralph in that episode. So maybe he can pull off 53% of the U.S. votes as a write in! Having a cartoon for president sure would be fun! I would like a Lard Lad on every corner please.

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So I “paced” myself and finished season 3 of Orange is the New Black the other day. By “pacing” myself, it means I didn’t try to finish it over the weekend. This wouldn’t have been possible anyway. I was away, but tried to squeeze in at least a few episodes before I left. Then I spent Sunday and Monday night binge-watching. I just can’t be patient with this show, I need to see it all! I’m excited for season 4. But now I’m going to have to wait a whole year for that shiz to happen, most likely. This makes me a bit sad actually. I don’t know what to watch to tide me over.

PS. The ending of season 2 is still my favorite!


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You can now welcome me to the year 2011, since I’m finally getting around to watching American Horror Story. I finished season one and started watching the newest season simultaneously. I actually am liking the newest season (Freak Show) more than the first, it’s much more scary! But I’m on to season two now (Asylum) and it’s definitely gruesome!  I think Jessica Lange does an excellent job each and am glad many of the same cast members appear. It’s also good that I can watch multiple seasons without spoiling the endings for myself. Unfortunately, Netflix is only showing the first two seasons, so I have no idea how I’m going to watch Coven. But I’ll worry about that once I’m done binge-watching Asylum…which is probably like three days. Send help and cookies!

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I discovered something awesome last week. Apparently if you download the Disney Channel app to your phone and tablet you can watch Even Stevens, That’s So Raven, and Kim Possible! You have to look for the “Replay” section to find these shows. I’m hoping they add in some Lizzie McGuire soon because I miss that show too. I guess I could check and see if these are available on  DVD, but I’d rather watch it for free.

I’m not ashamed to admit I used to watch these shows when I was in high school and college (way past their intended demographic). I’m glad I can at least watch some of these old shows again. But what in the heck happened to Beans?! He didn’t age very well…


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