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So to make an update on my post about the new glasses I bought in May, the company did let me exchange them for a new pair! I made sure to pick out a pair from the site that didn’t have metal along the temple tip. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they are blue. I really like them! They sent me a return label for the old pair and I sent them back this week. Phew, now I can wear my new glasses.

It’s now Thursday and I’m starting to feel more normal. It’s pretty sad that it took me 4 days to recover from my bachelorette weekend. But I guess that means I had a really good time! My issue was more related to lack of sleep. I went to bed kinda late and it took me a couple hours to fall asleep each night. I tried (and failed) to go to bed a little earlier this week to re-coup. But at least I’m starting to feel human again. 

This weekend will be the same issue, I don’t have time to sleep. I have relatives visiting from Michigan. Saturday I have an early morning appointment with the florist for the wedding. in the afternoon I have my hair and makeup trials. After that, my friends have a night in the town planned.

On Sunday, I am getting up early again for my friends bachelorette party at a spa and pool. I can’t stay the whole time, because I have dinner plans with the visiting relatives. The following weekend will be busy with Comic Con. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, I suppose!



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My friend and I got to do something really exciting this week! We got to meet the queen of bling herself, Sondra! She is the genius behind all the gypsy gowns on a hit TLC reality show. My BFF and I watch all the time and dish about it. She is actually a local person and her studio is about 15 minutes from my apartment. So we are commissioning her to make a really fun (and of course BLINGY!) belt for my wedding dress. I can’t wait to see it!  

My friend and I were so happy to meet her. Her studio is amazing, not one surface left un-sparkled. Heck, even the address plate on her building is straight blingin’. She is also really nice. She spent some time in her busy day to talk with us and take a picture in front of her pink creation. I hope to see this dress on a gypsy bride soon!

I can’t wait to go back and see what my belt looks like, I’m hoping I can use it for something after my wedding too as I’m sure I’ll want to wear it again. Anyway, my veil should be arriving soon, and I finished ordering wedding invites, info cards, and RSVP cards for the big day. I don’t plan to start sending anything out until the summer. But I like to be prepared. I’m trying to balance time between moving and wedding things. But I think I need to shift gears and concentrate on moving (whenever that will be!). 


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I always said when I get married, I wouldn’t do a veil. I just find them to be an expensive piece of tulle I could hack together myself with a $3.99 trip to a craft store. But I guess it depends on the dress too. A lot of the wedding dresses I tried on and liked, didn’t look good with a veil. But the dress I ended up with, does. So here I am, spending a lot of money on a veil, like I said I would never do. 

I guess I can justify the purchase because my dress was a real bargain. Also, it’s being handmade from a small business. So at least I can say I’m supporting a small business. Also, my veil is freaking awesome. The seller sent me pictures this morning, it will be shipped out soon. I can’t wait! It will really fit the wedding theme well. Also, I have an exciting appointment next week, that I’ll talk about later with a famous bling queen. She is going to make a belt for my dress that will outta this world. I just wish these were things I could wear again, just feels like a waste. But I guess that is what weddings are, a money pit. Albeit, a fun one at least. 


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Ignore the vintage trading cards, I’m recycling this picture from my Christmas post.

So I brought my awesome new wedding shoes into work, some people wanted to see them in person. I wore them around, and one of the footwear engineers zeroed in a fit problem I was having. I would expect no less,  I work for a footwear company (after all). I got the shoes in a 9, as they don’t offer 1/2 sizes. Which always aggravates me, when shoes are only offered in whole sizes.

ANYWAY, he offered to cut some foam for me to make my shoes fit better. While we were at it, he measured my foot for me. Turns out I’m not an 8 1/2 like I always thought. My correct shoe size is an 8 narrow. Oops! So needless to say, that is why my awesome new shoes are far too large. The foam helps a lot though, so I will be utilizing it. Otherwise I’ll have one of my bridesmaids carry around a safety net to catch me when I fall. 

In related news, I booked my first dress appointment. I only asked four people, as I didn’t feel like arriving with a giant posse. It’s a conundrum. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I also don’t want to bring 50 people. I assume I’ll be checking out multiple dress shops. So I’ll probably ask friends/family that didn’t join me the first time, to go along to my next appointment. Wish me luck! I need to clean up my Pinterest board, so I have a better idea of what I want to try. 

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It’s been quite hot this week in the city. I guess I shouldn’t complain, except it interferes with my Pokemon catching! We kept busy this weekend, but it’s not as busy as we’re going to be this upcoming weekend. Andy and I looked at a potential wedding venue on Saturday. I reached out to a bunch of places a month or so ago, and this Sheraton was at the top of my list. They look great on paper, but obviously wanted to check out the venue before making final judgments. We are waiting to get a quote back, but overall I was really impressed. As long as the total cost isn’t too crazy (it shouldn’t, because I did a quick tally on my own), then I’d like to go with it. We liked the smaller room more, but the smaller room doesn’t come with the fountain ceremony spot. Instead it comes with a small garden-type ceremony area, and the cocktail hour is by the pool. They said we could potentially have the fountain spot, but it depends if another wedding books the larger ballroom and has an on-site ceremony.

It’s not a deal-breaker for me. My ceremony is going to be short, and I won’t even be able to enjoy cocktail hour because of pictures. So wish us luck, the packages include almost everything. So all I need is a photographer, score! After the venue, we checked out the restaurant for lunch. They said catering uses the same chef and quality of food as the on-site restaurant. I have to say the food was really good. So I am confident I won’t hate the wedding food. Hopefully nobody else will either, but my mom liked it and she is a great cook. Oh yes, what is the deal with brides being nuts about the chairs for the reception? I couldn’t care less about chairs, but apparently it’s a thing. I personally DGAF, but I will draw the line at church basement folding chairs. Aside from that I won’t be doing crazy chair covers, or renting special chairs from Oklahoma. No thanks!


Aside from checking out the wedding venue, we met up with Ginny and Derek for dinner and drinks at Lulu’s. I love their fried chicken, it’s the only thing I order anymore. I should really branch out, since all the food is excellent, but I just can’t. After that, we discussed some Pokemon Go. It’s really a fun game if you haven’t checked it out. I don’t get why people shit on it so much. I mean, aside from the idiots that play while driving, dart out in front of cars, or trespass on private property. I do not condone that behavior! But I think it takes a lot of energy for people to complain about it, rather than just letting the fad pass.

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I had a really fun/busy weekend. But I’m too tired to recap that today. So instead, l’m going to blog about boring wedding stuff. We just started the process of searching for wedding venues. As much as I like the first place we looked at, I need to do more research. It just wouldn’t be smart to not do more digging. Also, I have serious space concerns about the estate.  I only want around 100 people, knowing we will go over that a little. Unfortunately the estate is broken into two rooms, so we’d have to move a couple tables into the dance area. Not sure I like that idea.

I’m branching out, giving serious consideration to places like hotels. Those spaces tend to offer convenient packages. So I reached out to about 10 places last week. I ruled out five of them, due to pricing. The rest I’m going to get more information from, before I make an appointment to view. The reason I’m really digging the hotels over the old estate type of places, is  convenience.

If I booked the estate I looked at, I’d still be on the hook for a caterer, DJ, flowers, place settings, and accommodations. At least many of the places I’m considering include most of those in their packages. Since I have no idea how to plan a wedding, I’d rather do a “one stop shop.” We’ll see how this works out. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

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I’m back from a wonderful Memorial day weekend. We’ll save that recap for another time.  I forgot to post about searching for wedding venues a couple weeks back. If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m not a wedding person. So I want to do the easiest/quickest/cheapest (ish) thing possible. I wish I could pick out a dress, and just show up. Wouldn’t that be nice? The only fun part is the dress shopping anyway!

The only thing salvaging the wedding planning, is coming up with cute ideas to incorporate some Star Wars elements. Not sure if I’m having a full-blown Star Wars wedding yet. I’m probably not going that route. More like having some Star Wars things during the reception.

Anyway, I’ve only looked into two venues so far. I’m leaning towards the second one (pictured). Mostly because it’s cheaper and in a more convenient location. But it all depends on how long our wedding can be. I read a review saying that with set up and clean up, you basically only get 2 hours. That doesn’t make any sense. Who the hell has a wedding in under 2 hours??!! So I called the event coordinator for the property with some follow up questions, after visiting. We’ll see what she says.

I’m also a bit concerned about how crammed the dining area will be. We plan to have around 100 guests, I’d like to keep it under that. I did have my high school senior dinner there, our class was over 300 people. But they don’t have capacity for that, so not sure how many actually attended. I don’t recall feeling cramped in the room. However, high school was [edited to remove year so I don’t feel old] years ago, so memory could fail me.  People also don’t sit for an entire wedding, so I think we can all suck it up and deal with being a tad crammed for dinner. Amirite?

I’m hoping to go with this historic property. Andy and I both like it, and I don’t want to rip my hair out scrambling to find something. I also am not a fan of doing a banquet hall, I prefer a place with character. The only thing I want to do this year, is get the venue and date secured. After that, I’m not doing any more serious planning until early next year. Oh yes, I did pick my bridal party, I’m thankful for these ladies!! WOOHOO!!! I promised them I will not be a bridezilla.


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