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Happy #tbt to the last time I visited the ice castles in NH

My eye is twitching, so I’m ready for this short week to be over. Bring on the weekend! I am heading up to NH this weekend with my friend Erin. We’re going to visit the ice castles, before they close next week for the season. I went once a few years ago. The line SUCKED. We were stuck next to an annoying girl who wouldn’t stop complaining about how cold it was. It got the point where a mother and child in line offered up the child’s gloves and scarf in an attempt to shut her up. Unfortunately, she declined. So we all had to hang out in line for an hour and a half listening to Debbie Downer. FUN!

Thankfully, they have improved the ice castles since (so I’ve heard). They now offer timed tickets and only offer limited ticket sales on site. They also moved the castles off site of the ski resort. This will make it much easier because we were standing in line waiting to buy tickets, which is where the cluster fuck was. PLUS, we’ll be VIP. My friends cousin works there, and will be letting us in! I’m very excited to get away for the weekend. We’re probably going to be doing some exploring and finish the weekend off with pancakes at Sugar Shack. I think we’ll also be doing some outlet shopping as well. Can’t wait!



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So we had our first major winter storm for the season. I can’t wait to move. I was hoping I would’ve been able to move into my new place prior to the winter. But the pad  needs a lot of renovations, so that didn’t happen. The good news is, almost done! The bad news, I had to shovel last night. 

The only way I got myself to do it, was I tried to psych myself up. Thinking, this is IT, G! It’s the Olympics of speed shoveling, do your shitty country proud! I started off strong. I shoveled the steps and sidewalks in record time. But then it came to the car and driveway. It’s not even a big driveway, just shoveling out my spot. But it took forever to clean off my car because there was a layer of ice under it. But still, I persevered! I cleaned it in about 15 minutes.

But then came the doozy, I had to shovel all the layers of snow from the driveway into a snowbank. This is where the other (non-existent) competitors excelled. It took a while to get all the snow out of my spot. PLUS, I had to clean off Andy’s car. Which I 1000% didn’t really want to do, but he cleans my car off quite a lot. So I thought it would kind of be an asshole move to not return the favor. So I cleaned off his car too. Then I raced indoors to see how I did on time. I did horribly, no medals for me! It took me an hour and a half. When I had it in my head to bang it out in 30 minutes. LOL, TEAM SELF. UGH. But hey, I dusted myself off and made it into work today. So that is an achievement. Plus I’m going to the Goblin Kings Ball this weekend, should be fun. 


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It’s been a crazy month filled with holiday parties and such. So blogging has taken a back seat. Last night I went to a customer appreciation party at our local watering hole. It was filled with free drinks, billiards, and a Santa Pikachu!

This week my work moved offices. I love the new office! I mean, it has little to do with the fact my commute is 10 minutes instead of 35! I didn’t realize I’d been driving there almost seven years, until I did the math. Yeah, math isn’t my strong suit. More on the new office later, gotta save up some blog content for another day.

I haven’t been in the office any Friday this month. It’s pretty sweet. I also took the last week of the month off, so score! 

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2016-02-22 13.02.44

I was supposed to head up to the Catskills this weekend. Our friend from upstate NY booked a huge house for a ski trip. I went on the same trip last year. Like last year, the house was double booked. The difference, the people that also booked it, showed up before us. I guess it’s a common practice in the area to double book. I think it’s bull shit! At least we didn’t drive all the up there to find the bad news.

Andy and I agreed never to go to the Catskills again. We weren’t really impressed with the area last year anyway. They said their adventure park where XC skiing is, was open. We showed up and it was like a ghost town. I mean, we found ways to occupy our time. But it would have been helpful if they updated their website to show when they were closing the adventure park for the season.

Anyway, rather than stay home all weekend, we found another place to stay. This time, we booked ourselves a stay in the White Mountains (NH). New Hampshire is much more organized with their skiing, and also has better mountains. I have to admit, I wasn’t really that mad when I found out. I prefer the White Mountains to the Catskills any day. The only issue is it was school vacation week, so we had to be careful what we did as to avoid zombie hoards of children. 2016-02-22 13.04.07

We stayed at a historic hotel called Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club. It reminded me a little of the Stanley Hotel, and supposedly haunted. It was a nice place, despite the uncomfortable beds. The only thing that pissed me off, happened Friday night. Some negligent parents let their kids stomp up and down the stairs to play tag or some shit for hours. They eventually stopped, but I should have complained. My idea was to tell them to shut the Eff up, or the ghosts will haunt them. But I’m not in the business of traumatizing small children. I think they checked out the next morning, didn’t hear them on Saturday night.

I wanted to check out the ice castles, which were an hour away in Lincoln. If this trip wasn’t so last-minute, I would have purchased tickets well in advance. But they were all sold out for the weekend. I did try to get tickets, via Craigslist and the FB page for the castles. But I guess it was for the best.

We saw them a couple years ago, and the line to get in was my private hell. I should re-read my blog post from that trip, and remind myself just how awful the ice castle line experience was. Even once we were in, it was difficult to move around and get pictures. There were just so many kids EVERYWHERE, running around like they just snorted a kilo of Pixie Sticks! I can’t imagine I really missed much, it was the same people that built the castle. Once you’ve seen one ice castle, you’ve seen them all!


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It was actually yesterday I was telling Andy, how I wanted to go ice skating. I didn’t really want Mother Nature to grant the wish for me. When I got up this morning, noticed it had snowed a little overnight. But since it’s supposed to be super warm today (for winter), I thought it would just be slushy outside. WELL NOT SO MUCH! It was just starting to warm up outside as I was leaving, and I didn’t account for having to spend 20 minutes to scrape ice off my car windows. It was a super fun time trying to get down the steps to my car.


My driveway is a hill, so trying to get inside my car was another adventure. Not to mention I had to grab my ice scraper and somehow walk around my car to each window to get the ice off. At the same time, I’m trying not to fall on my ass and bust a hip. I also kept hearing ambulance sirens. I’m thinking, how bad is it out there?! Maybe I should have grabbed my phone and pre-dialed 9-1-1 in case I did take a nasty spill. I did what I could, and managed to make it back into my car without dying.

But next up, I had to figure out how to make it down my street. The road crews did a shit job salting my street, so it was like the ice capades…escapades? Thinkfully, once I got off my street, the roads got much better. Also, from the thirty minutes it takes for me to get to work, the temperature rose 20 whole degrees!


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The Super Bowl was last night and it was pretty boring. Maybe because I really didn’t care about either team. But I was going Carolina all the way for several reasons:

  1. Good team colors
  2. Good team logo/mascot
  3. The team doesn’t have a Manning on payroll
  4. I love me a good underdog (or undercat) story 

Now before anyone pees on my Carolina victory parade, I stopped watching the game sometime during the 3rd quarter. Which means, I didn’t see them lose. So if I didn’t actually see the Panthers lose, it means they didn’t! Don’t you just love my ostrich syndrome logic? If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen! So shhhhh…don’t ruin the game for me. As far as I’m concerned the Panthers did win,  as I truly cannot stand the Manning family. Andy wishes me the best with this endeavor, but he knows how stubborn I am. So good luck to anyone that tries to convince me otherwise.

P.S. We have a snow day today!



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New maxi coat!

The middle of winter is actually one of the best times to get a new winter coat. At this point, stores have starting selling heavy coats since probably September or earlier. Hence, why after the holidays, they usually go on sale. I’ve had the same Calvin Klein maxi coat in black for about five years. I loved that coat, it was knee length, and made with goose down. It was also my only super long jacket. I bought in the middle of winter, so I got it much cheaper than what it retails for. But alas, I decided it was time to put her pasture.

The coat had holes in it, from when I was shoveling every day last winter. It would get stuck on the top of the link fence. Also, I accidentally put the hood in the dryer once, and it melted the fur. I think I also ruined the zipper of the hood at the same time. I had to safety pin the hood on, otherwise the zipper would keep opening by itself. I managed to find a great replacement coat. It actually looks very similar to my old one, except it’s dark gray and made by London Fog. I also got it for a steal. I love the new coat so far, except it’s actually been to warm to wear it. You’re welcome people, it’s been weirdly warm this winter because I bought a new coat.


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